Innovation Love or Passion


Innovations are heavily influenced by both love and passion. First, innovation happens for the love of what one does, but
passion keeps it going. Hence, it is through love and passion by which innovations are both born and nurtured. Human passions
fuel innovations, and without these emotions, innovation would be impossible. Passionate innovators share their passion with
others. (Int J Biomed. 2015;5(4):235-237.)
Keywords: Love; passion; innovation.

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Dr Jenny Jiang

MD, Medical Adviser

Dr Jenny Jiang, MD, Medical Adviser, holds an MBA degree from Stanford University and a medical doctorate degree from Sun Yat-sen University. Before starting Tiger Lifescience, she worked for Johnson & Johnson in US and China. Jenny also has rich experience in academia and successfully commercialized innovative technologies as she worked at the South China University of Technology as a lecturer and as a founder of her first startup over ten years ago. In addition, Jenny has rich entrepreneurial experience as well as multi-national managerial skills. She is very insightful in the biotech industry along with medical devices.