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Health Scoring System

Dynosense health scoring is based on enhancement to well-respected and tested NEWS (National Early Warning System) used across UK health system with aim of making health measurable and understandable on an individual basis, easy escalation and risk management analysis (i.e. mortality & morbidity risks).

Health Score (0 – 100)

Is a comprehensive, aggregated score of all the health parameters such as vital signs, biometrics, body composition, life styles, environment, and emotional well-being. It is a number between 0- 100 with 100 being the best. By tracking this number is the simplest way to get an assessment of health for escalation or risk analysis.

It is color coded for simplicity Green, Yellow, Red. Since it is personalized scoring system, color range adjusts as function of what is being measured, a typical score of 85 or higher is considered in Green zone, and lower than 70 considered in Red zone.

Health Index/Grade (1 – 6)/(A – F)

Each computed health score is associated a health grade ranging from 1 to 6 ( 6 being the best ) or also represented as a Grade (A=6, B=5, C=4, D=3, E=2, F=1). The index value defines quality of score as more data available about a person the higher is the index value. The variety of the information provided (weight, vital signs, glucose, medical images), the frequency of the captures ( how often new measures are provided), lab-reports, emotional report, and others will provide higher confidence level in health score and thus higher index (grade).

Therefore, Health index/grade  (1-6)/(A-F) provides confidence level in health score and  (i.e. if only a few metrics then index is lower- closer to 1[F]) and important tool in comparing two identical health scores. Color coding is presented where A-B are Green, C-D are Yellow and E-F are Red.

About NEWS

National Early Warning System (NEWS) is a well validated track-and-trigger early warning score system that is used to identify and respond to patients at risk of deteriorating. It is based on a scoring system in which a score is allocated to physiological measurements already undertaken when patients present to, or are being monitored in health care settings.

A score is allocated to each physiological parameter, the magnitude of the score reflecting how extreme the parameter varies from the norm. This score is then aggregated.

Health score does not provide a diagnosis; it helps identify a sick patient who requires urgent clinical review in a standardized way as well as risk evaluation and mitigation.

See link for more on NEWS https://www.england.nhs.uk/ourwork/clinical-policy/sepsis/nationalearlywarningscore/ 

NEWS was founded on the premise that (i) early detection, (ii) timeliness and (iii) competency of the clinical response comprise a triad of determinants of clinical outcome in people with acute and chronic illness. To ensure NHS staff moving between health care settings use a consistent set of measures to diagnose patients and communicate about deteriorating patients in a common language. To ensure communication about deteriorating patients between professionals across healthcare settings is consistent. NEWS can help to spot the signs of sepsis early and can save thousands of lives.

DynoSense owns trademark to HealthScore, HealthIndex, and HealthGrade.